Top 10 best employee computer monitoring software features

Can you believe that we are living in the best moment for creating and using employee computer monitoring software? Even before facing the COVID-19 outbreak, 70% of the global working population communicated digitally one day a week, at least. You can expect the trend of remote work to continue after the end of the crisis, as it has already accelerated virtual transformation and altered our perspective to work.

Remote work has given us plenty of benefits, like the reduction in office maintenance and commute costs. Despite that, we have to consider the serious challenges it brings in, like the lack of task continuity and productivity. This is the reason why many organizations are looking for software that helps effective monitoring and assists in improving productivity. 

Best employee computer monitoring software features

Sophisticated features of computer monitoring software are helping businesses to move toward remote work. These features can even work via cloud throughout the globe- a modern tech that is getting more demand every day. To become the best computer monitoring application, these features need to be included as a part of the product:

1. Time Tracking

The core functionality of monitoring software should be keeping records of employee log in’s and log out’s. However, employees may keep the timeclock on and not doing any work at all. For this reason, the software should be able to identify productive and idle times. This is rather a helpful feature for employees, as they can use this analysis to adopt a better work schedule and become more productive.

2. Screenshots Capture

Keeping records of time gives you the idea of how long an employee has been active in front of the computer. But what if they spend a good portion of the time surfing on social sights or other sites irrelevant to their core work? You need to make sure that your employees are giving their efforts on actual work, making the right value for both of your money and utilities given to them.

A periodic screenshot feature option cures this problem. Computer monitoring app should take screenshots of the computers while working, and keep them stored for the managers or admin. It will keep the employees concerned about their activities, and they will be more focused on doing actual jobs.

3. Track Website & App Usage

Keeping a tab on running webs and application usage can help in multiple ways. First of all, with this information, you get a full picture of employee activities- like which websites they are surfing through and detect if any of them needs to be avoided. Secondly, you can spot any attempt for malpractice or performance degradation. Such information can come in handy when you are trying to evaluate employee attentiveness to work.

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4. ID Verification

Employees are no longer stuck in the office. Your best employees could be living outside the city, or even abroad. To keep them accountable for work and to ensure their attendance daily, biometric face ID is a must feature for employee computer monitoring tools. With this feature, employees have to log in to work giving facial recognition through the camera and do the same while logging out. It is a simple yet effective feature that can help managers to stay restful and reduce the pressure of administrative work.

5. Mobile And Web App

Like we discussed earlier, your employees should be able to work from anywhere around the world, sitting from their home desk or at a coffee shop. The point is to attend to the work and complete them in time, and the working place should not be counted as an issue. The best computer monitoring software will help to make it a reality by allowing employees to log in using any mobile and web apps from anywhere, and start working right there and then.

This feature opens up plenty of opportunities for leaders and employees. You can now hire employees locally or remotely, depending on your needs and skill matches. Candidates, on the other hand, can apply for international jobs where they find it more suitable. In the era of the internet and cheap accessories, this feature creates a new step for remote work.

6. Break Management

Remote work means when employees are stationary at home or somewhere outside and giving their valuable time at work. But working at home has some problems for itself. When you are staying so close to your family members or friends, you may have to get involved with them for social or amusement activities. It is an expected scenario, and employees need the option to pause the tasks for a while to keep a balance between work and personal lives.

Having a break management feature in your computer monitoring software is the best solution for this. With a proper break management feature, employees can get off the desk and attend necessary activities within the workday. It doesn’t only help them to keep a balance between work and home tasks but also allows them to maintain a good impression at the workplace by not taking a day off for personal reasons.

7. Employee Engagement

Periodic pop-ups will help to keep employees present at the desk while logged in and avoid any misuse of time tracking. The pop-up can be sent at a fixed or random time variable, depending on your choice. It is a great feature that every computer monitoring software should carry to ensure employee engagement at work throughout the logging period and secure efficient work hours.

8. Analytic Dashboard

Having a robust analytic dashboard helps you to get an overall picture of the operation and performance of employees. By checking the dashboard of the employee computer monitoring tool, you can find who is working or not on a particular day. You can also find the total productive hours of a team, summarize their overall performance, and so on. The insights help make important technologynesss like projecting the future path of an employee, evaluating their increment or promotion, etc.

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9. loud Architecture

Since the monitoring software is made for both office and remote workers, it has to be a cloud-based tool. That way all the data is stored in a centralized location and anyone can securely access and edit it from anywhere. The advantage of using a cloud-based application is that it reduces your cost substantially by eliminating the needs of buying and maintaining any hardware. As a manager or admin, you can sit outside or at home while keeping an eye on your employee performance and do not bother to keep an eye on hardware. It helps to smoothen the path of creating a remote team even better.

10. Permission Management

If you are going to purchase an employee computer monitoring software now, permission management features are a must have. It helps to keep individual employee records safe from and private from others, and only the persons with proper authority can have access to them when needed. It is also an important feature for keeping confidential organizational and project data safe and secure and ensures proper evaluation of performance. 

As a successful employer or manager, you do carry the responsibility of giving an comfortable and productive work experience to your employees. Fortunately for you, modern computer monitoring software is flexible enough to provide the right control to your employees and ensures their privacy at the same time. So get the best computer monitoring tool for your team and become the leader of the most engaged team.

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