The Upsides of Choosing a Digital Maintenance Management Solution

The world is evolving around digital technology and transformation. If you are managing your maintenance tasks manually, you might want to consider opting for a digital maintenance management solution to keep up with your competitors. Technology adoption is accelerating at an exhilaration rate. Almost all progressive manufacturing companies are already utilizing a digital maintenance management solution like CMMS, which is the abbreviation for the computerized maintenance management system. If you are not, you are missing out on several benefits that CMMS provides in reducing costs and increasing asset performance and lifespan.

Say goodbye to clipboards

This might be slightly more than obvious but many underestimate the benefits of it. Opting for a digital maintenance management solution allows you to get rid of tons of paperwork and manual labor required for recording myriad hectic tasks. Instead, you can manage all these activities with your fingertips from your desktop or a mobile phone. Yes, that’s right, cloud-based applications like CloudApper CMMS enables workers to access and manage all maintenance-related critical tasks and information, right from a mobile phone anywhere and anytime. This helps businesses to avoid delayed response times and promote efficiency.

Get better visibility into your inventories

Managing inventories with pen and paper can be extremely frustrating. Imagine recording all the information for your assets and critical spare parts in a piece of paper only to lose them or you can’t find them when you need them. Paper records can also easily get stolen or damaged. With a digital maintenance management system like CMMS, you can streamline a variety of inventory management tasks. It’s easy to keep all assets and critical spare parts information and easy to search from the database that holds thousands of other critical information. With accurate and reliable inventory information, managers can determine when to order parts before they hit the reorder point so that inventory never hits low. Having critical spare parts available at all times is also critical to efficient maintenance management.


Becomes easier to prove compliance

Asset-intensive companies typically need to comply with various global and local, environmental, and safety standards. It also helps companies to maintain a positive industrial image and ensure an acceptable degree of safety for workers in the facility. With a digital maintenance management system in place, it becomes easier for businesses to organize their data effectively, making it easier for employees to comply with standards.

Make the digital transformation with CloudApper CMMS

CloudApper CMMS is already driving the digital transformation in maintenance management for a variety of sectors. Our solution is robust, intuitive, and developed with the most modern features and software capabilities.

CloudApper provides a digital CMMS tool and a variety of software applications that are essential for asset-intensive industries, such as facility management software and OSHA recordkeeping software that you can use without paying a dime if you are already a subscribed user of CloudApper CMMS.

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