Common Maintenance Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry That Can Be Solved Through CMMS

Common Maintenance Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry That Can Be Solved Through CMMS

The oil and gas industry faces many demanding and complex challenges. The industry is typically regarded as expensive, high risk, etc. This industry produces some of the most essential commodities to satisfy the world’s demand like heating and cooling, electricity generation, all kinds of transportation, and even cooking. Although, despite the high demand for oil and gas products, generating real profits in this industry is closely tied to world politics and factors that are beyond the direct control of the company.

Thriving oil and gas organizations keep their operations running smoothly by using information that is relevant, precise, and timely, and have learned to be flexible and adapt to modern realities. Using these technologies, oil and gas companies can streamline their workflow on their refineries, stay ahead of stringent regulatory requirements, minimize often devastating equipment failures, improve productivity, and control costs.

At the forefront of these technologies is the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

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What is a CMMS?

A CMMS documents all maintenance-related information in a secure and centralized database that can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere and at any time via mobile or computer device. Maintenance processes and tasks can be streamlined. This tool helps organize and present the information in a manner that is easy to understand and timely to prevent unplanned downtime and other operational inconveniencies.

CMMS for addressing common maintenance challenges faced by oil and gas companies

Unplanned downtime

Unplanned downtime for oil and gas companies can be devastating, to say the least. The product that this industry provides demands uninterrupted supply. Halt in the process or unplanned machine or maintenance downtime cannot be afforded. This can result from poor maintenance management.

With CloudApper CMMS, oil and gas companies can plan and schedule timely maintenance tasks and execute them without delay. Beyond this, CMMS also helps to track assets conditions and their maintenance, ultimately making it a one-stop solution for any unplanned downtime.

Traditional processes create data siloes

The oil and gas industry is a massive industry and companies have an abundance of information that needs to be managed with more than one system. Manually looking at multiple systems can be frustrating and it’s quite possible to miss out on critical information. And it’s not possible to centrally manage all information with traditional approaches.

CloudApper CMMS comes with a single centralized dashboard that can monitor multiple systems in real-time while keeping management informed with updated information about each and every system and operation.

Managing work orders with simplified workflow

Many people and departments continuously work together to complete their own sets of tasks during the oil and gas refinery or other processes. Assigning work orders to each of them can be a difficult task to do without an effective CMMS in place. Hence the workflow may suffer at times.

CMMS software enables oil and gas companies to improve workflow leading to improved performance by allowing them to automate the assignment of orders with an error-free process.

Inability to receive updates in real-time

Getting real-time updates on each and every task performed is not possible without any systematic software. Project managers will not be able to assess which assets or tool is performing up to the expectation.

By implementing CloudApper CMMS, oil and gas companies can continuously track and receive updates of their assets and equipment in real-time.

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Reports and audit preparedness

Along with all the cumbersome activities, management also has to prepare tedious paperwork for audits and reports. Without an automatic system in place, delivering the desired customer reports can be difficult. There are also many safety regulations oil and gas companies need to follow through with robust documentation.

CMMS helps facilitate well-planned maintenance that decreases the likelihood of accidents and improves safety, thus helps to avoid compliance issues according to industry norms. It is easy to generate comprehensive reports with just a few clicks which makes audits smooth and easier.

Start using CloudApper CMMS today – no installation cost, no credit card required. All you need to do is sign up here.

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Common Maintenance Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry That Can Be Solved Through CMMS

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