How much does CMMS software cost for a business?

Pricing plays an important role in deciding which computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) the business should invest in. They need a tool to maintain equipment and facilities but do not break the bank account. CMMS vendors offer varieties of pricing policies- some provide extensive pricing lists in public, others like to talk in private, and quote the price according to customers’ needs and demands.

To show a simplified image of the process, we’ve created a thorough pricing guideline explaining the standard pricing and additional costs that you may need to consider. In the end, we included some of the reputed CMMS vendor pricing to answer “How much does CMMS software cost?”


Because with the computerized maintenance management system, you can streamline all maintenance operations. Tracking equipment, inventory, and labor becomes straightforward for your staff with this tool. They can also manage work orders, develop preventive and predictive maintenance systems as they need. The software also comes in handy by reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs, improving your assets’ life in the process.

A standard CMMS software should offer: 

Asset management

Tracking physical and fixed assets is a vital feature of CMMS. It keeps records of price, purchase date, technical specifications, serial number, and many other important data related to a single unit of purchase. Maintenance becomes easy with this feature as it allows you to organize assets by type, department, and or other customized categories.


Inventory management 

Inventory management helps to ensure that all the necessary spare parts, maintenance tools, and inventory are available 24/7. This feature keeps monitor on spare parts count, alert maintenance staff when the number reaches a certain low level, and automatically order new supplies online. Keeping records for each item: such as parts type, model number, purchase date, price, and warranty, is also a mandatory part of CMMS inventory management.

Pricing Models of CMMS

CMMS vendors, in general, tend to establish price strategies based on the deployment method, the number of users, and the level of features. Here are some common strategies:

Subscription per user, per month 

As the maintenance workers mostly work in the field, CMMS solutions tend to deploy through the cloud and work on mobile-friendly interfaces. Accordingly, For this structure, CMMS vendors charge companies via the “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) model. In this model, companies only have to pay for the number of employees per month as a subscription plan.

Monthly subscription plan 

This plan generally keeps a limit for maximum users and worksites and features as well. Some vendors can offer an unlimited number of user access, which is rather a cost-efficient plan if your team consists of too many employees.

One-time permanent licensing

When companies require a significant level of customizations and find it necessary to deploy the CMMS tool on-premise, they go for the one-time permanent licensing option. Generally, this option allows access to unlimited users and worksites.

Additional Costs for CMMS

Aside from the subscription or licensing fee, businesses have to consider additional costs to get a proper answer to “How much does CMMS software cost?”

Implementation Cost

Implementation costs significantly vary depending on the deployment type (cloud or on-premise solution). Companies have to take into account the cost of consultancy, hardware setup, software customization, and integration of third-party apps before even buying the subscription. Other implementation costs include enterprise resource planning systems or setting up equipment monitoring devices.

Training Cost

Vendors often include web-based training for customers for free, but in-person training requires additional fees or ask to purchase a high tier pricing plan.


Basic supports, like email support, is expected to be an included part of subscription plans. But in case of priority support or a dedicated customer service manager, vendors may ask to acquire higher feature packages.

CMMS software requires regular upgrades and patches from its vendor to keep it updated. If a company buys a perpetual license for CMMS, it may have to pay for additional upgrades. It also requires some maintenance, which is usually included in subscription or cost less while buying in bulk with subscription pricing.


How much does CMMS software cost?

To help you to compare and get answers to “How much does CMMS software cost?” we have included a general price list based on some of the populated CMMS solutions. One of the solution,  eMaint CMMS asks a monthly fee of $33 per user, per month, with the limitation of three users max. The same solution offers an enterprise plan, which asks for $120 per user, per month, with a minimum user requirement for five.

Another solution eWorkOrders offers cloud-based modular with a monthly starting price of $35. The price increases according to your requirement for more modules, users and other functionalities.

The third solution that we would like to discuss is Fiix, it offers a full-featured CMMS solution, but with three pricing tiers. Its basic plan will cost $40 per user per month and offer standard features and mobile access as well. Its professional plan, on the other hand, asks for $60 per user, per month, and it comes with advanced functionality, integrations, and compliance tools.

But nothing comes even close to CloudApper CMMS pricing and its additional features. Its $10 per user per month is fixed for all sizes of firms, despite the variable of user numbers. The solution offers 24/7 around the clock system availability, ensuring the maintenance team to have maintenance data access and functionality all the time. 

With CloudApper CMMS solution, you don’t have to worry about the higher cost for lower numbers of users and can access data immediately with the best price in the market. Besides, your team can access other utilities of this vendor, such as Asset Tracker, Fleet Manager, Facility Manager, Safety Assure, and many others without paying any additional costs!

Get the best value by customizing the software so that it fits your business or production process. Be sure to keep your stakeholders involved in this process so that that the software can meet everyone’s unique needs. Get a better understanding of CloudApper CMMS by using the 14-day trial, for free!

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