Top 10 Retail Companies Utilizing Infor as their Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Efficient warehouse management is crucial in today’s highly competitive retail scene, as it ensures smooth operations, optimal inventory control, and outstanding customer service. Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed specifically for the retail industry is one of Infor’s many specialty cloud offerings. The supply chain and overall efficiency of the top 10 retail organizations who have implemented Infor as their WMS system are examined in this study.

1. Walmart

Infor WMS is used by Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, to control its vast warehouse network. Infor WMS allows Walmart to maximize inventory visibility, increase order accuracy, and strengthen fulfillment operations throughout their extensive network of distribution locations.

2. Target

Target Corporation uses Infor WMS to enhance inventory visibility, speed up the ordering process, and simplify distribution center processes. Target’s supply chain efficiency is increased thanks to Infor WMS, and that directly translates to happier customers.

3. Best Buy

To better manage its warehouse and inventory, electronics giant Best Buy has adopted Infor WMS. Best Buy will have more reliable stock counts, faster order processing, and simpler connection with their other supply chain systems thanks to Infor’s powerful solution.

4. The Home Depot

The Home Depot, a retailer of home improvement products, uses Infor WMS to manage its warehouse more efficiently. The Home Depot is able to more efficiently manage stock, make more precise orders, and boost warehouse output thanks to Infor’s cutting-edge features.

5. Kohl’s

The well-known department store Kohl’s has used Infor WMS for its warehouse management. Kohl’s is better able to meet consumer requests with the support of Infor WMS because it improves supply chain visibility, speeds up order fulfillment, and enhances inventory management.

6. Macy’s

Macy’s, the iconic department store, uses Infor WMS to streamline its supply chain operations. Macy’s supply chain is aided by Infor’s all-encompassing solution by increasing operational efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing inventory levels and order accuracy.

7. Staples

Staples, Inc., the world’s largest office products retailer, uses Infor WMS to automate and standardize its warehouse and fulfillment center processes. Staples may increase warehouse productivity, accuracy in stock counts, and speed of order processing with the help of Infor’s cutting-edge features.

8. J.Crew

Popular clothing retailer J.Crew has upgraded its supply chain performance with the help of Infor WMS. J.Crew is able to increase transparency over stock levels, precision of orders, and efficiency of shipping and receiving thanks to Infor WMS.

9. L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean, a manufacturer and reseller of outdoor gear, uses Infor WMS to improve its inventory management and shipping procedures. L.L.Bean benefits from Infor’s powerful solution since it allows them to better keep track of their stock, streamline their picking and packing procedures, and fulfill their customers’ orders on time and without error.

10. Dick’s Sporting Goods

A leading sporting goods store, Dick’s uses Infor WMS to optimize its warehouse operations. To guarantee happy customers, Infor’s technology helps Dick’s Sporting Goods speed fulfillment processes, increase order accuracy, and better manage inventory.


Numerous top-tier retailers have come to rely on Infor’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to streamline their supply chain and inventory management. In this post, we take a look at the top 10 retail organizations and how they’ve used Infor WMS to improve inventory management, order accuracy, and distribution center efficiency. Infor’s WMS allows businesses to adapt to the ever-changing retail scene by taking use of cutting-edge tools and enhancing their supply chain efficiency.

Top 10 Retail Companies Utilizing Infor as their Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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