What is Infor Business Intelligence?

Infor Business Intelligence is a collection of software programs that, when used together, give businesses the capacity to derive actionable intelligence from the data they collect. It is a strong analytics tool that gives businesses the ability to make educated choices based on data analysis that is performed in real time. In this post, we will discuss what Infor Business Intelligence is, its most important features, and the advantages it may offer to businesses.

A Brief Introduction to Infor Business Intelligence:

Infor Business Intelligence is a platform for business intelligence that offers a wide variety of analytical tools to assist companies in gleaning insights from their data. This platform is called Infor Business Intelligence. Infor Birst, Infor BI for CloudSuite, Infor BI for M3, Infor BI for LN, Infor BI for SunSystems, and Infor BI for d/EPM are some of the applications that are included with the platform. These programs provide businesses with the capability to acquire data from a variety of sources, conduct analysis on that data, and generate reports to assist with decision-making.

Major Aspects of Infor Business Intelligence:

Data Integration: Infor Business Intelligence gives enterprises with the capacity to combine data from numerous sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and cloud-based apps. This gives enterprises the ability to access all of their data from a single platform and to have a unified view of all of their data.

Analysis of Data: Infor Business Intelligence offers firms very effective analytic tools that make it possible for the organizations to carry out intricate analyses on their own data. The platform contains functions such as data visualization, data mining, and predictive analytics, all of which assist businesses in recognizing patterns, trends, and outliers hidden within their data.

Reporting: Infor Business Intelligence has reporting features that allow enterprises to develop reports and dashboards based on their data analysis. The platform comes with a number of reports and dashboards that have already been produced, and users also have the ability to generate individualized reports and dashboards depending on the requirements that are unique to them.

Mobile Access: Infor Business Intelligence offers users the ability to view their data and reports via mobile devices by providing mobile access to the applications it offers. The platform is comprised of mobile applications that have been enhanced for use on a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Security: Data encryption, user authentication, and access control are just some of the sophisticated security features that come standard with the Infor Business Intelligence platform. The security requirements of a variety of businesses, including those operating in regulated industries, are taken into consideration during the development of the platform.

Advantages to Be Acquired from Using Infor Business Intelligence

Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities: Infor Business Intelligence gives businesses the capacity to improve their decision-making capabilities by analyzing real-time data and providing actionable insights. The capability of the platform to discover trends, patterns, and outliers in an organization’s data can assist that company in making more informed decisions and more rapidly adapting to shifting conditions in its operating environment.

Improved Productivity: With Infor Business Intelligence, companies can access data from a variety of sources and carry out analysis using only one platform. This contributes to an overall improvement in operational efficiencies. This not only makes the process of gleaning insights from data more efficient, but it also cuts down on the amount of time and resources it takes.

Better Collaboration: Infor Business Intelligence offers a consolidated platform for data analysis, reporting, and collaboration, making it possible to work together more effectively. This enables the many teams that make up a business to collaborate more efficiently with one another and share both their thoughts and their reports with one another.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Through the Use of Infor Business Intelligence, Companies Are Able To Get Insights Into Their Customers’ Behavior, Preferences, and Needs, Which Leads To An Increase In Customer Satisfaction. This can be helpful to firms in improving their products and services and providing improved experiences for their customers.

Competitive Advantage: Infor Business Intelligence gives enterprises an advantage in the market by enabling them to make educated decisions based on real-time data analysis, which in turn gives the firm a competitive advantage. Because of this, businesses may be able to react to shifting conditions in their operating environment more rapidly and maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals.


The Infor Business Intelligence suite of software products is designed to assist businesses in gleaning actionable intelligence from the data that they collect. The platform comes with a number of applications that enable businesses to access data from a variety of sources, carry out research, and generate reports to assist with decision-making. Organizations can improve their decision-making abilities, boost their efficiency, improve their ability to collaborate with one another, increase their level of customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage by implementing Infor Business Intelligence. Infor Business Intelligence is a great solution for businesses who are wanting to obtain insights from their data and enhance their business operations. Its sophisticated analytics capabilities and rigorous security features make it an ideal choice for these types of businesses. Organizations are able to make decisions based on data, boost their efficiency, and maintain a lead over their rivals if they take advantage of the capabilities offered by the platform.

In general, Infor Business Intelligence is a potent instrument that is useful for businesses that want to derive insights from the data they collect. Because of its capacity to integrate data from a variety of sources, carry out analysis, and provide reports, it is a great option for companies operating in many types of industries and of varying sizes. Because of its emphasis on enhancing decision-making, efficiency, cooperation, customer happiness, and competitive advantage, Infor Business Intelligence is an excellent investment for businesses that want to improve their business operations and propel growth.

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