What are the benefits of facility management software?

After a turbulent year many companies are looking to make up for lost ground, whether it is through cost cutting, innovative processes or efficient practices an answer is needed.

When it comes to looking for the answer facility management is a good place to begin as workspaces can contribute greatly to the overhead expenses and they can be a challenge to manage. Implementing facilities management software can assist in managing this department.

What is Facilities Management

The topic of facilities management has gained prominence over time as industries are beginning to realize that efficiently managed work sites and assets lead to highly functional businesses. With the interest in facility management being high we have to ask ourselves what facility management is.

Facilities Management is a process that covers a broad field of responsibilities that relate to the management and maintenance of business facilities. Some of the responsibilities that fall under facilities management are the following:

  • Maintenance and repairs,
  • Managing systems,
  • Cleaning,
  • Business processes support,
  • Security,
  • Health and safety,
  • Environmental awareness.


What is Facility Management Software?

Facility Management is a mobile and cloud-based application that allows businesses to simplify and streamline their facility management activities through a number of functions and features that can be accessed online or through a mobile phone.

Benefits of Facilities Management software

With a deeper understanding of what facilities management is we can begin to understand why it can be seen as an overwhelming task however by successfully implementing a Facilities Management Solution a business can reap the following benefits.

Reduced costs

Businesses must continue to operate in order to make money, unforeseen breakdowns, poorly scheduled maintenance and time-consuming repairs can slow down operations. Implementing a facility management solution can eliminate these problems, with a detailed inspections function available to aid employees when conducting inspections on the facility and assessing the equipment. This means the possibility of a future breakdown will be greatly reduced ensuring constant operation. Eliminating unnecessary repairs will not be the only factor that reduces costs, organized asset maintenance leads to assets and equipment that have a longer lifespan, this also means they will operate at optimal efficiency and create less chances for the company to operate overtime. These are a few of the factors that lead to a business reducing their costs. With costs reduced and a business can now focus on operating a highly functional facility.

Increased productivity

Adopting a facility management solution that keeps track of routine tasks with the aid of functional features means that less resources are required to accomplish certain activities. With a mobile and cloud-based facility management solution employee can conduct their activities more efficiently. Technicians will be able to streamlines their tasks and accomplish them with greater ease due to features such as facility monitoring that enables any operations being conducted within the facility to be monitored. It must be noted that employees who can conduct previously time-consuming tasks with ease means more time and resources can now be directed to other projects that benefit the company.

Asset Maintenance

When a business invests large sums of money on assets, they expect a higher return on their investment, facility management software ensures this outcome. A major advantage gained by implementing this software is the organized and recorded maintenance of business assets such as equipment, cars and buildings. Maintaining assets allows for businesses to gain the full worth of their investments while eliminating the need for early replacements and unnecessary frequent repair costs.

Maintains safety

Businesses operate under a number of standards and legislations that relate to health and safety. It is a business responsibility to ensure that these standards, such as a safe working environment, are maintained. Facility management software ensures these standards are met. As employees operate heavy machinery or conduct work processes the company can be certain that the assets and equipment will not malfunction and be a danger to the people operating it as well as those in the vicinity. A reduction in asset related incidences will lead to a safer working environment. In the case where the business’s equipment does result in a critical failure, facility management software will be prepared with an emergency management function that can be accessed by employees and provides emergency procedures and employees can follow to safely attend to the situation or evacuate the worksite.


Provides training to employees

Training and efficiency go hand in hand, an employee cannot do their job efficiently if they do not know what they are doing. Training Management let employees’ access and share safety information, checklists and instructions required when employing best practices. Training through facility management also provides another often-overlooked benefit. A business’s facilities must abide by regulations and standards, by implementing facility management software to train employees the company can sustain a high standard required for passing compliance inspections.

Employing a facility management solution within your company whether it is a large or small enterprise will lead to a number of benefits and should be considered the responsible choice.

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  1. It’s good to know that having a facility management system makes your employees or staff more productive since it keeps track of routine tasks. My husband has been thinking of opening his own dental clinic in the city since there’s a high demand for cosmetic dentists. I’ll share this with him so he would implement a medical facility management system in his clinic. Thanks!

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