Social Media Trends for Upcoming Years

In this article, we’ll go through some of the social media trends that we can expect in the upcoming years. Some of them are already here, and growing slowly, but aren’t at full hype.

The Next Age Of Data


Brands will concentrate on being more accountable about using the right data and data transparency.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Brands will focus more on ROI, this will drive up social and PR budgets.

PR And Marketing Integration

Marketing and PR integrations are already in social media trends, it is likely to increase in the coming years.

Growing Upwards

Enterprise businesses will focus on data maturity.

The Technology Revelation

AI For Everyone

Companies will embrace artificial intelligence.

Now See Hear

Multimedia search will shake-up marketing.

Virtually Different

Expect AR/VR to make an impact if want to stay current with the social media trends in future.

Don’t Cross The Streams

Streaming will change the marketing landscape.

The Self Adoration Society

Big Little Ideas

Micro influencers and entrepreneurs will take over.

Generation Instagram

According to the expected social media trends Gen Z will change how we market.

Want To Ride My Buying Cycle

Social will take on all aspects of the buying cycle.

Doing It On Purpose!

How brand purpose and social activism will be key in the coming years.

The Content

Video Victory

More and more businesses will be promoting themselves with live videos and stories.

Disappearing Content

Content that last for only 24 hours highlights the urgency of an offer, this type of contents will be used more to incentivize buyers.

More Effective Communication

Non Celeberity Influencer Marketing

Utilizing non-celebrity influencers continues to engage customers through relatable content.


Businesses are learning to be more transparent with their customers as it’s easier for customers to share their opinions.

Interactive Chatbots

Marketing over direct messages is increasing in popularity as they become more user-friendly and improves customer experience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers Become Entreprenour

Social influencers will turn their personal brand into full-fledged business ventures to harness their reach and turn their social media success into profitable revenue streams.

Disclosure Of Sponsored Content

The proper disclosure of sponsored content and new regulation rules will play a major part in the professionalization of the influencer marketing industry in coming years.


More influencers will use podcasts to increase their reach and share more intimate and personal thoughts and advice with their audience.


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